Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Nearly half of low income houses in Alabama experience one or more legal problems in a year.

The most common categories for legal problems are consumer issues, housing issues, health issues, and family-law issues.

Alabama has one LSC funded program and five Volunteer Lawyer Programs.  Together these programs provide free legal services in civil cases in all 67 counties in Alabama.

Alabama ranks behind every other state in funding per poor person for access to justice in civil matters.

Last year the Legal Services program and four Volunteer Lawyers Programs in Alabama closed over 16,000 cases, but approximately 84% of civil legal needs of low-income household in Alabama are still unmet.

A family of four qualifies for free legal aid if their yearly income is $29,438 or less.

Alabama has the 7th highest poverty rate in America, and its median household income is ranked 9th lowest.

More than 914,000 Alabama residents are on food stamps.  This is a 61% increase in the past 5 years.

Alabama’s high school graduation rate – 72% – is the 8th lowest in the United States.