Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation

Limited scope representation, sometimes called “unbundling,” allows a client and his/her lawyer to agree that the lawyer will provide limited services to the client.  This means the lawyer will represent the client only in a certain area or task rather than representing the client for the entire scope of the legal matter.

This Alabama Lawyer article by Henry Callaway explains the 2012 changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Professional Conduct that establish procedures for limited scope representation.

For more information see the handout on Frequently Asked Questions by Attorneys.

This handout on Frequently Asked Questions by the Public may be helpful for clients when discussing limited scope representation.

Forms for limited scope representation:
LSR-1 Notice of Limited Scope Representation (Family Law Cases)
LSR-2 Notice of Limited Scope Representation (Not for Family Law Cases)
LSR-3 Notice of Completion of Limited Scope Representation

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